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Name : Rohit Sharma
Born : Apr 30, 1987 (34 years)
Birth Place : Nagpur, Maharashtra
Awards : Arjuna Award for Cricket, Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award for Cricket

No matter how talented you are or naturally gifted you are, there's no substitute to hard work if you got to maintain standards. -  Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma is an international Indian cricket player and currently  ODI and T20 captain of the Indian cricket team. Apart from this, Rohit Sharma is also the captain of the Mumbai Indians IPL team.

Rohit Sharma is the only batsman in the world who has scored the highest 264 runs in an international ODI match. This is a record that no cricketer has been able to break till date.
He is the only batsman in the world to score three double centuries in One Day Internationals. There are many such records which are in the name of Rohit Sharma.
Rohit Sharma was born on 30 April 1987 in a poor family in Nagpur city of Maharashtra. His father's name is Gurunath Sharma, who worked as a caretaker in a transport company. His mother's name is Poornima Sharma who is a domestic lady.
Rohit Sharma has a younger brother named Vishal Sharma. He married his childhood friend and sports manager Ritika Sajdeh in the year 2015. They both have a lovely daughter named Adara.

Rohit Sharma Childhood and Early Life
1) Due to his father's low income, Rohit Sharma spent his childhood in the house of his grandparents and his uncle. During this time he used to visit his parents at their house once a week. Rohit Sharma received his early education from Swami Vivekananda International School. Rohit Sharma started taking interest in cricket from the age of eight. That's why he used to play cricket in the street.
2) In this way, seeing the growing trend of Rohit Sharma towards cricket, his uncle got Rohit to join a cricket academy in the year 1999. Where Dinesh Lad was his coach.
3) Very few people would know that Rohit Sharma was initially a spinner bowler. But seeing Rohit Sharma's batting, the coach asked Rohit to focus more on batting.
4) At the behest of the coach, Rohit started focusing on batting and after some time he became a good batsman.
5) After this his coach Dinesh Lad asked Rohit to join Swami Vivekananda International School because in this school Dinesh Lad was appointed coach and this school also had good facilities to play cricket.
6) But the problem was that Rohit Sharma was not able to pay the fees of this school, so his coach got a scholarship of four years after seeing Rohit's performance.
7) Rohit Sharma used to bat at number eight in the beginning but in one match Rohit was sent by his coach in the opening and in that match Rohit scored a brilliant century and after this match Rohit Sharma was sent as an opener.

Rohit Sharma Domestic Career
Rohit Sharma started his cricket career in the year 2005 while playing for West Zone in Deoghar Trophy. Rohit Sharma played an unbeaten innings of 143 runs in this match.
After this, Rohit Sharma made his debut for the India A team in the year 2006 and in the match with New Zealand A, Rohit Sharma performed brilliantly and helped the team win the match by scoring 57 runs in 22 balls. Was.
In the same year, Rohit Sharma also made his debut in the Ranji Trophy while playing for Mumbai and made his valuable contribution in making the Mumbai team the winner of that season with his best and brilliant performance.

Rohit Sharma International Career
Rohit Sharma's stellar performance in domestic cricket opened the way for Rohit Sharma to enter the international team and in the year 2007 he was given a chance to play in a series against Ireland.
After this Rohit Sharma was included in the team of T20 World Cup this year. Where he played a brilliant unbeaten innings of 50 runs against South Africa. Due to which India won this match and made its place in the semi-finals.
After this again Rohit Sharma was given an opportunity to play ODI cricket but he could not do anything special according to his ability in many matches and he was dropped from the team and other players were given the opportunity to play in his place. Team.
When Rohit Sharma was out of the team, he once again started playing in Ranji matches and scored an unbeaten 309 runs in a match against Gujarat in the year 2009.

Nothing is easy in cricket. Maybe when you watch it on TV, it looks easy. But it is not. You have to use your brain and time the ball. -  Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma Records
Rohit Sharma is the only cricketer in the world who has scored three double centuries in ODIs.
He holds the world record for the most runs of 264 runs, which he made against Sri Lanka in the year 2014.
Rohit Sharma had hit 16 sixes in an innings in one day match which Rohit Sharma hit against Australia in the year 2013..

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